An intermediate Bearded Iris (a Willotts intro) name lost.

Jungle Green by  jbrum


If my dog, was a person, she’d be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so nice.


no cacti today, maybe next week
Shhh you are so sweet, wouldn’t that be nice
If I had a thousand dollars maybe that is what I would do with it, and go visit all my friends from tumblr and have nice smoothie dates
Artist: UnknownBeethoven
Title: UnknownMoonlight Sonata
Album: Unknown
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horoscopes for the new moon

aries: get off the bathroom floor

taurus: you’re nauseating your lover

gemini: bury yourself and grow again

cancer: the sky is calling you

leo: be careful on train tracks

virgo: you’re deluded and dramatic

libra: start wearing rosaries for protection

scorpio: your sadistic tendencies won’t stop

sagittarius: quit bleeding all the time

capricorn: visit your grave

aquarius: they’re coming for you

pisces: i’m sorry but there is nothing